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I have wanted the benefits of daily ACV but can't stand drinking it (even in water), so I tried these gummies. Very palatable. I think even kids would enjoy the taste of these gummies. All the benefits of ACV without the yuckiness! This will be my form of ACV from now on.
I swear by ACV. I have been taking it for years now and it works! I'm in the best shape of my life at 43. I contribute some of that because I drink ACV every morning. I have loved taking the gummies, because now I don't have to put up with the nasty taste. The gummies are amazing! They taste wonderful!! I hope this company makes more products soon! I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to my family and friends. I hope other people enjoy this as much as I did.
They taste delicious, the gummy texture and flavor is close enough to candy that my kids enjoy them. My wife says that after the first bottle ran out, she noticed the lack of them in her diet. She says they were actually helping her feel better.